Lymphatic Self-Care Leg-Lymphedema or Post Abdominal Surgery (No Arm Lymphedema Present)

Leg swelling and Leg Lymphedema Lymphatic Self Care Education. Abdominal Surgeries and Scaring may result in compromised Leg Drainage, Swelling and/or Leg Lymphedema Not for those with Arm Lymphedema. Not for those with acute infection, chronic heart failure, kidney failure or cancer
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“The training is intended for informational and educational purposes, it is not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. Please consult your medical professional before making changes to your diet, exercise routine, medical regimen, lifestyle, and/or  mental health care.”

**Use only if axillary lymph nodes are present and there is no arm lymphedema present.
No current cancer or infections are present. Kidney, heart and liver function are normal. Please consult your Doctor for any contraindications.
Note: Sound on at least one videos has some computer noise.
Thank-you for your understanding.
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Obesity has been linked to lymphatic congestion. The cells you loose in weight loss, protein dense fluid, and viral particles must leave the body through the lymphatic system due to their size. Under functioning lymphatics allows cells that you have lost, excess fluid and viral particles to remain in the body so they can't get out of the body even though you're doing everything else right! Scars from surgery may block normal lymphatic drainage and require re-routing fluid so it doesn't build up and cause long term swelling. 

"I recommend Lorraine with a lot of enthusiasm.  She has been totally professional, knowledgeable, thorough and attentive to my needs. She has a gentle, skilled touch and a calming but invigorating presence. I have benefitted enormously from her expert manual therapy as well as from her self-care lymphedema lessons. My lymphedema has improved remarkably, and with this, the overall quality of my life! Couldn't ask for more!"-Lynne A.

Enjoy learning the gentle effectiveness of lymphatic self care.

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Lorraine Sanderson BS LMT MLD/C CLT CMLDT

NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist & Certified Lymphedema Therapist ACOLS and MLD Institute International, Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher USUI, Certified Face Yoga Teacher DC
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NYS Licensed Massage Therapist
Lymphatic Specialist 
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  MLD/C (ACOLS)
Certified Lymphedema Therapist CLT (ACOLS)
Certified Reiki Master Practitioner I, II, III (USUI)
Certified Reiki Master Teacher (USUI)
Certified Face Yoga Teacher (DCFY) 
Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist CMLDT (MLD Institute International)
Law of Attraction Coach Certified

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